DTF Transfers FAQ

DTF (Direct to film)/Dream Prints

The following will answer most of your questions regarding DTF. Any of our designs are available to print as DTF.

Special custom request are also available.

🥰 What is DTF?

DTF stands for direct to film and some call them Dream prints.

🥰 What is the difference between screens and dtf?

DTF prints are much softer and dont crack like screen prints.

DTF are digitally printed onto a film allowing for much more detail to be incorporated into the design than screen print.

DTF prints are able to go on any material like screen prints however they have some stretch to them which is what allows them to last longer and be more durable.

🥰 Are you limited on shirts and colors?

No you are not limited on material or colors. These can be press on any type of tee material.

🥰 How do they feel?

They are super soft and are NOT rough! They are slightly heavier than a traditional screen print. 

🥰 Do they last over time?

You will get more washes with DTF shirts than you will with screens.

DTF does not crack or split where screens can.

DTF transfers are stretchy once applied to the article of clothing.

DTF transfer are top notch quality and we take pride in knowing that we are giving you the best quality prints.